Tricks to cut onions without crying. Do they work?

Have you ever wondered how to cut onion without ending up in a stream of tears? It turns out that crying when cutting onions is a natural and common reaction due to the chemical compounds released during the process. But don’t worry, all is not lost. We got down to work and have put to the test the most famous methods that promise to prevent you from crying a sea of ​​tears. So, after several onions cut with our Elite Series Knives and many tears shed, we want to share our experience and the results obtained.


Cutting onion with a fan

One of the most effective tricks is to use a fan close to where you are cutting the onion. The airflow generated by the fan helps to disperse the chemicals released by the onion, away from the eyes, thus reducing the possibility of crying. Place it as close as possible to the area where you cut the onion and see how you stay without shedding a tear.

Chew gum

Chewing gum when cutting onions can prevent crying because breathing through your mouth instead of your nose reduces the inhalation of irritating chemicals released by the onion. Although its effectiveness may vary from person to person, this technique has proven helpful for many in avoiding tears when cutting onions. Try it!


Wash the onion before cutting

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Some people have suggested that washing the onion before cutting it can reduce the release of the chemical compounds responsible for tears. However, we tried it, and we did not have a positive result. We shed more than a tear, since the chemical compounds that cause weeping are present in the inner layers of the onion and are not easily removed with a simple wash.

Cut a cold onion

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Another suggested trick is to use a cold onion straight from the fridge. However, in our experience, this also did not work to prevent tears. The temperature of the onion has no influence on the release of irritating chemical compounds, so you will surely cry!

Cut an onion with a lit candle

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Many people have suggested lighting a lit candle near where you are going to cut an onion can help prevent tears, this did not work :(. The theory is that the candle flame burns the chemical compounds in the onion, but in reality, the amount of heat generated is not enough to achieve that goal.

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